Thursday, September 2, 2010

An interesting session.

Buzzers rule!
Hooked in the head :(
First fish on the shakyhead!
Bad nest.

Jay met me on the lake today to do some fishin'. It was pretty slow going, and despite several good strikes and hooking up with a fish on a shakyhead worm, he didn't manage to land anything. He did get one out of the water, but it came unbuttoned.

I, on the other hand, landed two bass. I hooked into and landed a third, but the darn thing got off the hook and flopped his way back into the water before I could get a hand on him. It was a pretty big fish; maybe two pounds. Yeah, not huge, but when you consider that eight of my last nine fish were under a pound, two pounds would be a big upgrade.

The first fish came the Wal-Mart special buzzer with swimbait attached. I actually hooked him once and he got off. I threw the lure back over the same spot and reeled a bit slower and bam, he hit it again! this time I hooked him good. Too good. Other than gut hooking this was the most gruesome snag I have ever personally done myself. It may have been the worst I have ever seen. Somehow I gaffed him right through the bone on top of his head, and out through the eye. Unfortunately the eye came out. I have caught enough one eyed fish to know they can survive it, but with the trauma to his face I am worried he may not have made it, though he swam away very fast and strong, leaping from the water when he first hit it. I wish him the best. I feel terrible.

The second fish came from a technique that Jay turned me on to the other day. It was a shakyhead worm. I have considered this lure before, but never tried it. I actually have mixed feelings about it. It seems to me that the strike/hookup ratio is quite low. I have lost every fish except one that I have hooked with this method. Including the big one tonight. I don't plan to give up though. It is a fun way to fish, if not a little slow.

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