Saturday, September 4, 2010

New rig and more...

Down the hatch!
Just 1oz short!
He swallowed the jig!!!
First bass on a shakyhead fluke!

I've been looking for a worming/ soft plastics rig for over a month, and now, thanks to Carla I have one. I was my B-Day present from her, but she let me pick it out. I got a Pflueger Criterion baitcaster, and a medium heavy 6' Berkley Cherrywood rod. I really like this combo. It's very sensitive, and very accurate.

I actually got a different rod yesterday, and tried it out, but I didn't care for it, so I returned it and picked out the Cherrywood today. It was a Tournament Pro rod. The house band at Academt Sports. On that one I pulled in a 3.3Lb bass on a shakyhead worm. Not bad, and it handled it very well. I just didn't like the length of the handle, and one of the eyes was slightly off center, though this did not seem to effect my casting. Also, it was a 6'6" rod, and that was just a bit long for my taste. The Cherrywood is a 6' rod, and I like that better. It's only four inches longer than my ugly stik. It also seems to be stiffer and more sensitive than the Tourney Pro.

Today I bought in three bass with the Cherrywood, though I tossed the first one back before snapping a picture. I regret that. You can see the bass above.

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